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      Finally, the era of wireless equipment has dawned and we give you the opportunity to сompletely immerse in it.

Bunch of power supplies, pedals, heaps of piles of wires and all the necessary barrier protection for them are no longer needed. Now all what you need is only a machine in the workplace and nothing more.

       The Sunrise machine has an integrated controller and intuitive controls. The center of gravity is offset to the vertical axis of the holder as much as possible. In combination with with the absence of wire, as the result it sits perfectly in the hand. Also, with all its functionality, it is very compact and lightweight.

       The heart of the machine is the German Faulhaber 8.5W motor and it makes this baby really powerful, which allows the master to work in any style with any technique and on any area. And the smart mechanism installed on this machine will reduce the potential for over-injuring the skin if you are still learning tattoo or working on delicate skin.

        Sunrise has the longest battery life despite the fact that each battery is fully charged by 100% in just 30 minutes


Speed: 50-160Hz

Power: 8.5W

Stroke Length: 3.5mm - 4mm

Weight: 100g

Size: 5x5x3cm

Battery Life: 3.5-14 hours (depending on set speed)

Case materials: Aircraft-grade aluminum,carbon plastic.

     Box Contents

1pcs Sunrise Wireless Tattoo Machine

2pcs battery

1pcs battery charger

1pcs microusb / USB wire



Power adapter is not included.

Any phone charger will do, or you can purchase an optional 2A adapter from us.


The machine is not intended for temperature sterilization.

Do not turn on without grip.


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